White Moons Is A Lamp That Also can be used as the As Wall Decor

Licht im Raum create a decorative wall luminaire throughout the their White Moons collection of which redefines the wall area rug and offers a functional wall decorations option for a contemporary dwelling. Made of white porcelain during the shape of a cut off globe, the White Moons are versatile, which allows users to special a softly dispersed light-weight in a desired direction besides making for a diverse individual pattern.
Licht im Raum

Set in a square with three vertical and some horizontal rows, the spheres have a polished glossy outside that is a perfect match for a thin modern interior. Its rectangle chromed base contrasts along with the white spheres, but exclusively adds to its contemporary tasteful.

White Moons Wall Light plus Decor

Soft light symbolizing from each sphere works beautifully with the shadows established by the glossy spheres. The exact wall behind this area rug washes out with gleam, and looks tastefully decorated to start. We can totally see it within the living room, bedroom, or even rest room.

Wall sconces never looked hence modern and sophisticated. Plus wall art has never really been so functional. It is virtually no accident that the designers name it a meeting of light plus art and poetry.

In addition to the wall lamp, the moons collection also includes pendant devices featuring the porcelain spheres. One of the pendant versions includes them grouped in lanes just like they are in a wall lamp, while the other you've each sphere act as you'll find pendant. And if there’s an excess of wall space to decorate, the good news is 4×4 wall lamp that can assist you fill in all that space.